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Creating an Enterprise Architecture can be a daunting task. Whether you are new to the experience or are stalled in place, sometimes outside knowledge or a slightly different perspective can move your project to the next level. 
EA Frameworks’ mentoring and consulting services create long-lasting results for our Clients. We transfer our knowledge to the Client to enable our Clients to have a self-sustaining EA program. We aim to help our Clients find the right approach and tools to apply in their environment.


No single Enterprise Architecture tool provides all the necessary functions you will need to make your EA efforts a success. We can provide programming services to build the appropriate bridging software to allow you to reuse existing data (the fastest way toward an EA) and to integrate information from multiple EA tools.


During the course of an architecture effort, many modeling methods are utilized to describe and capture information.   These are often disciplines in and of themselves, and are many times brushed over in courses that focus on complete EA Frameworks.   When the modeling methods fully understood and utilized, a stronger and more robust architecture is the result.


Through years of use of the System Architect, EA Frameworks has identified many oppurtunities to extend the modeling, analytical and reporting capabilites availible in the tool to enhance our customers EA and BPM endeavors. 

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