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EA Frameworks has over 30 years of Enterprise Architecture experience and can provide an impartial and invaluable perspective to our clients about the approach that will work best for them when building and using their Enterprise Architecture. To build an Enterprise Architecture requires knowledge and experience in many domains: Organizational Design, Business Process Management and Re-engineering, Software and Systems Engineering, Information Engineering, Business Rules. David Rice is a thought leader in the industry and an accomplished speaker and trainer with multiple articles and industry presentations to his credit and has taught hundreds of classes across multiple knowledge domains.

We believe that for Enterprise Architecture to be successful, it must be an asset to the decision making process within an enterprise. To this end, we focus on working with our Clients to produce architectures that can be used as analytical, communication, and decision support tools. One of the key values of EA is the ability to align IT investments with organizational and business goals - this benefit can only be realized from a proper architecture.

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