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EA Frameworks' many years of experience can provide an impartial and invaluable perspective to our clients about the most effective approach when building and using their Enterprise Architecture. Building an Enterprise Architecture (EA) requires knowledge and experience in many domains: Organizational Design, Business Process Management and Reengineering, Software and Systems Engineering, Information Engineering, and Business Rules.


EA Frameworks is well-versed in all these areas and can help our Clients understand how to most effectively build, maintain, and use their EA to make effective, defensible decisions. Our mentoring and consulting services create long-lasting results for our Clients, allowing them to have a self-sustaining EA program. 

Enterprise Architecture Consulting and Mentoring​

We offer EA Consulting to a wide variety of organizations and at every stage of implementation of an EA plan. From general mentoring and offering advice, to more continuous step-by-step rendering of help, we can customize our services depending upon your needs and help your organization build a sustainable and practical EA program that meets the goals of the enterprise.

Enterprise Architecture and Business Process Mapping Tool Evaluation and Mentoring

EA Frameworks has partnerships with many of the leading EA and BPM tool vendors. We use these tools in our engagements and have extensive and practical knowledge of the best ones to use for any given job and how best to use it. We offer to share that knowledge and expierience with our Clients to allow them to make the proper tool selection for their projects, as well as, to minimize the learning curve of implementing the chosen tool.

Business Process Management and Reengineering Mentoring

Business Process Management and Reengineering is a cornerstone of any organizational improvement and optimization. EA Frameworks has over 27 years of experience helping Clients understand and improve their business processes and develop practical approaches to BPM. 

System Architect Tool Extensions

Through years of use of the System Architect, EA Frameworks has identified many oppurtunities to extend the modeling, analytical and reporting capabilities available in the tool to enhance our Client's EA and BPM endeavors. We have made many of our most common extensions available for download.

Custom Enterprise Architecture Tool Extensions

Many of our Clients have particular needs, stakeholder reporting considerations, information sharing requirements and other considerations that require specific customization and extension of System Architect. EA Frameworks develops custom System Architect interfaces and extensions to help our Clients meet their EA and BPM project goals.

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