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Understanding Your Organizational DNA

An Enterprise Architecture Framework (EA Framework) is a classification mechanism used to organize and relate information about our businesses, organizations and enterprises. An Enterprise Architecture, done with the use of an EA Framework, can be used to document, analyze, test and implement changes to our enterprises. All EA Frameworks have the goal of outlining a structure, which can represent the complex interactions between people, processes and technology. Though much of the focus of EA Framework has been around software and hardware systems, EA Framework can also be used for organizational change and business process improvement.


We believe that for Enterprise Architecture to be successful it must be an asset to the decision making process within an enterprise. To this end, we focus on working with our Clients to produce architectures that can be used as analytical, communication, and decision support tools. One of the key values of EA is the ability to align IT investments with organizational and business goals - this benefit can only be realized from a properly done architecture.


EA Frameworks, LLC is a certified reseller of some EA specific tools, and a developer of a number of tool bridges and add-ons. Depending on the complexity and size of your framework, there are various tools and add-on's that can be implemented to allow for increased efficiency.  EA Frameworks, with over 27 years of experience, can facilitate our Clients understanding of how to most effectively build, maintain and use their Enterprise Architecture to make effective, defensible decisions.


EA Frameworks offers onsite remote and public courses catering to the client's specific needs. 


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